Black magic Design has been integrating the long-established digital audio technology into Fairlight’s hardware dependent audio tools into a mouse and keyboard Fairlight consoles Fairlight Desktop Console as a bridge for Digital Intermediate studios.1000 tracks needing no additional hardware, and up to 2000 tracks when the Fairlight Audio Accelerator PCIe card is added to a system .This sort of track count availability is needed for Immersive formats such as Dolby Atmos to high track counts for routing, mixing and master files. The new Fairlight Desktop Console hardware controller adds significant more functionality than just a keyboard and mouse. Veloxstreams technology know how integrates and accelerate The Fairlight in Da Vinci Resolve with incredibly high tracks counts, immersive audio, the new core audio engine and busing structure, and professional options like LKFS metering, art EQ, dynamics, and routing. With all its other functions like picture editing, visual effects creation, colour, transcoding and exports, Veloxstreams functionality expertise in a custom specification will boost the performance of console but at a much smaller size and cost...Read More>>