Quality of service analyser with AV Forensic Marking (Crosstalk) and Encrypted link enforcer.

Video Forensic Marking Technology
PICE (Perceptually invisible chromatic embedding )

Sound Forensic Marking Technology
SSHE (Side spectrum harmonics embedding )

Encrypted link Technology
Link protection DPCP/HDCP (128-bit AES with 1024-bit RSA public key and 256-bit HMAC-SHA256 hash function ) and real-time EDID analyser with Trusted device list (TDL)

Forensic watermarking solutions
Digital cinema watermarking
Secured pre-release workflows watermarking
OTT streaming and pay-TV watermarking
Real-time TRP analyser

VELOXSTREAMS has developed Encrypted Link between Media Server and Projector, with Dual layer Secure Link using Trusted Platform Intelligence Technology. Which consist of two Modules.

1. Trusted Platform Intelligence Module ( TPIM )
2. Trusted Display Intelligence Module ( TDIM )

This technology uses current HDMI standard signals version 2.1 upto 10K and encapsulate it into TPIM signals, which has two layers of security, including HDCP.

First layer is VELOXSTREAMS proprietary 2way RSA handshakes using AES keys. Each TPIM can only be paired with a single TDIM, which is already hard coded into Trusted Platform Logic Module ( TPLM ). TPLM supports symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography and AES algorithms.
After successful handshakes with paired TPIM and TDIM ,then only HDMI encapsulation starts. Each 20 milliseconds, EDID and HDCP status of the link and each 10 seconds AES key status of the link is verified. If any violation is found, TPLM will shutdown the TMDS source and sink, further disabling the server and reporting the status to cloud server. It works as automatic watchdog for encrypted Link tampering and can be cascaded to do predefined software activities, such as deleting the source or zero filing the digital media.

Virtually rendering the Media Server useless for piracy or unethical use of the DRM protected media.

VELOXSTREAMS DCP Media Server and has one HDMI Out (for upto 32 channel Audio application), optional 16 channel AES Out, One Optical channel TPIM ( supports 4K 120p, 4: 4:4 ), One CAT6STP TPIM ( HDBaseT supports 4K 60p, 4:4:4 )

Trusted Display Intelligence Module ( TDIM ), which can be customized as compatible Projector Modules or Interface board. Supports Panasonic, Vivtek, Digital Projection and Barco.