DaVinci Resolve combines the world’s most advanced color corrector and image enhancement system with powerful multitrack online editing, so now you can edit, color correct, finish and deliver all from one application!Whether you are just starting your editing or grading career, building a post production facility or upgrading your existing DaVinci Resolve suite.The system you select or build may be based on what you already have and can update, or a specific operational or technical requirement.If your projects are SD or low resolutions for the web, you could use a lower powered system compared to the needs of a client supervised 2K or 4K grading session for a TVC or feature film. For low to medium budget HD projects quite often the mid- range powered systems are sufficient .DaVinci Resolve for Linux operates on current Intel based server computers.The hardware configuration you select has a significant impact on the performance of the overall system. To achieve the best possible experience it is essential to build your DaVinci Resolve system with high performance computer hardware including at least one high performance graphics processor (GPU).As DaVinci Resolve will use all the available resources to provide the fastest possible processing the configuration defines not only the speed which you can edit, playback and grade but also the time to render your finished timeline .For your client or grading monitor/projector, DaVinci Resolve also supports the range of Blackmagic Design video I/O cards to provide a SDI output to your calibrated grading display.

Veloxstreams-DI workstations and servers are designed for real-time capture and playback of un-compressed 2K, stereo 2K, un-compressed 4K, stereo 4K as well RED, Sony and other digital media types.  Designed and certified for use with DaVince Resolve for Windows and DaVinci Resolve for Linux, the Veloxstreams-DI can meet the needs of the most CPU, GPU and disk intensive requirements. Featuring integrated SSD or magnetic disk arrays with capacities up to 144TB and read/write speeds up to 4000MB/Sec, the Veloxstreams-DI workstations and servers will bring out the best in your Resolve workflow with minimal upfront investment.

Veloxstreams PCIe Expansion Systems allow DaVince Resolve users to expand one host x16 Gen2 PCI Express slot to an expansion chassis with up to five additional PCI Express Gen2 slot. The expansion chassis’ non-blocking eighty lane PCI Express Gen2 switch enables the coupling of cost-effective host PCs and servers with high bandwidth, peer-to-peer capable I/O subsystems. Plug and play architecture allows users to expand their I/O capabilities regardless of their operating system or platform. Support for Windows, MAC, Linux as well as other operating systems is standard. With optional integrated RAID and capacities up to 144TB, Veloxstreams Expansion systems are the ideal solution for DaVince Resolve and support uncompressed 2K, Stereo 2K and even 4K playback while also allowing use of multiple GPU’s, Red Rocket Cards, Fibre HBA’s or virtually any other PCIe card.