With the transition from 35-millimeter film to Digital Cinema, film producers and distributors are faced with a challenge of how to deliver the DCP master, typically around 150GB but as large as 400GB, to cinemas for viewing. Distributors have invested heavily in digital cinema encoding facilities to produce and quality control check a digital cinema package before release, while cinemas have upgraded to state-of-the-art digital projectors. However, the most common method for distributing DCPs to cinemas today continues to be shipping specialized hard disks via courier or satellite delivery.

Veloxstreams replaces these traditional slow, unreliable and expensive delivery methods with a state-of-the-art hybrid cloud distribution platform comprising a secure online web portal for ingest, as well as veloxstreams own advanced scheduling and tracking system, and high-speed transfer technology running in the cloud for fast and secure delivery directly to cinemas.

The hybrid distribution platform is extremely cost effective because theaters can utilize their existing infrastructure to achieve maximum speed delivery; they simply install the Veloxstreams download client software, which contains an embedded veloxstreams client, and receive DCPs directly from Veloxstreams to the theater over their existing broadband connection. Unlike satellite delivery, which only makes sense for large-scale distribution to hundreds of theaters at the same time, Veloxstreams cloud based cinema distribution and management cloud system is much more flexible and cost effective even when delivering a new DCP to a single theater.

The compute and storage resources needed to distribute DCPs change over time depending on the number of movies and the number of theaters involved in the release. Running On Demand in the cloud allows Veloxstreams to scale up transfer capacity as needed to meet the variable demand and guarantee on time delivery to cinemas.

“Production and distribution companies need a secure, fast, and cost effective way to deliver their digital movies to theaters. Veloxstreams can fully utilize the available bandwidth for maximum speed transfers over their existing infrastructure, and encryption over the wire and at rest ensure the content remains secure.”