High-performance computing encompasses advanced computation over parallel processing, enabling faster execution of highly compute intensive tasks such as climate research, molecular modeling, physical simulations, cryptanalysis, geophysical modeling, automotive and aerospace design, financial modeling, data mining and more. High-performance simulations require the most efficient compute platforms. The execution time of a given simulation depends upon many factors, such as the number of CPU/GPU cores and their utilization factor and the interconnect performance, efficiency, and scalability. Efficient high-performance computing systems require high-bandwidth, low-latency connections between thousands of multi-processor nodes, as well as high-speed storage systems.

One of HPC’s strengths is the ability to achieve the best possible sustained performance by driving the CPU/GPU performance toward its limits. Compute clusters have become the most used hardware solution for HPC simulations due to their productivity and flexibility. Maximizing productivity in today’s HPC cluster platforms requires the use of enhanced data messaging techniques.

By providing low-latency, high-bandwidth, high message rate, transport offload to facilitate extremely low CPU overhead, Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), and advanced communications offloads, Veloxstreams interconnect solutions are the most deployed high-speed interconnect for large-scale simulations, replacing proprietary or low-performance solutions. Veloxstreams scalable HPC interconnect solutions are paving the road to exascale computing by delivering the highest scalability, efficiency, and performance for HPC systems today and in the future.  Veloxstreams scalable HPC solutions are proven and certified for a large variety of market segments, clustering topologies and environments (Linux,Windows).

Veloxstreams delivers customized High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions with scalability and cost effectiveness than competition .We provide HPC solutions from Workstations to Blade Clusters with aim of meeting requirements of small business , Individuals ,Institutions to large users like Universities ,Research Institutions , Government or Private Sector .

Veloxstreams provide Intel Xeon Phi (Coprocessor )and Nvidia Tesla (GPU) based HPC solutions on Windows and Linux platforms ,with industrial-grade advanced liquid cooling system for safe overclocking and are therefore optimized for intensive applications that require highest clock frequency of CPU and RAM.

Every Veloxstreams solution is more than just a rack full of hardware -- it is a comprehensive solution with everything the HPC user, owner, and operator need.

Veloxstreams HPC clusters are ready-to-run systems -- we deliver, you turn the key, the system delivers high performance.

Veloxstreams Services do not stop when the implementation projects ends. Veloxstreams offers a variety of support and service options, tailored to the customer's needs. When you are in need of a new installation, a major reconfiguration or an update of your solution -- Veloxstreams is there to do it for you.

From Professional Services to Managed Services for daily operations and required service levels, Veloxstreams will be your complete HPC service and solution provider. Veloxstreams's high standards of performance, reliability, and dependability assure your productivity and complete satisfaction.