Veloxstreams is the leading innovator of high performance workstation computers and rendering systems for VFX, animation, engineering, architectural visualization and more. Veloxstreams combines record-setting performance, reliability, and unparalleled industry knowledge to create the fastest workstations and render farms .

Our high performance 64bit Multi-Core workstations & rendering solutions power a variety of creative and design organizations . These range from large corporations to freelance designers, digital artists and beyond.(Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Automotive, Aviation, Medical Imaging, Visual Simulation, GIS & Mapping, Game Development, Visual Effects, Broadcast/Film Animation, Virtual Design, Compositing, Digital Editing & Publishing

Veloxstreams Rendering Workstations are bespoke custom built ultra high performance 3D modeling & rendering workstations exclusively designed to improve the modeling and rendering performance for today's leading 3D visual effects (VFX) specialists.

Developed as an all-in-one 64bit workstation solution for both modeling and rendering our Render 3D workstations combine the worlds fastest and most powerful 64Bit Multi core processors with industry certified workstation class graphics (ATIā„¢ & NVIDIA ) to provide users of leading visualization & 3D rendering applications (Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Studio VIZ, Maya, Cinema4D, Newtek Lightwave 3D, SoftImage XSI, Brazil, Maxwell Render, V-Ray etc) with the ability to dramatically streamline the design, creative or rendering process of any studio environment.

We provide Turn-key Rendering solutions for the industry, that your business has access to a complete, self-contained, turn-key render farm solution. A rack complete with master node, storage, network switch, display, keyboard, a host of available software options, and dedicated service. Turn -Key Rendering allows your small to medium size businesses,with limited or no It department to connect to your workstation and simply plug it in and get ready to experience the incredible advantages and time/money savings of personalized Rendering farm.

We provide Multiple Turn-Key , Cluster based and Cloud based Rendering solutions for setting up of large Render farms for various Medical ,Engineering ,Physics or Visual applications like Architecture, Engineering, Automotive, Aviation, Fluid Dynamics , Molecular Analysis ,Medical Imaging, Visual Simulation, GIS & Mapping , Game Development, Visual Effects, Broadcast/Film Animation, Virtual Design.
Our Render Farms are cost effective in node power usage,cooling & floorspace saving our customers resources as well as fast rendering .Veloxstreams Rendering Solutions comes in Linux and Windows platforms .