The logic of building virtual studio sets, Veloxstreams has an the extensive portfolio of solutions from Black-magic Designs Ultimatte 12 to create complete chain for acquisition and control, using elements that would easily work together with customised real time rendering support of Unreal engines to create assets needed in house, and provides all post production which includes editing and grading. Veloxstreams with Black-magic tools create a virtual plain in the Unreal game engine, then apply live virtual productions, designs techniques to create the Virtual real-time assets for the production company this can be as described this as a “virtual production process.”

Ultimatte , world’s most trusted keyer, features one touch keying technology that analyses a scene and automatically sets over a 100 parameters, allowing for faster workflows, essential for live production. Ultimatte as it is much better at dealing with green spill and also can also create quick and very accurate garbage mattes. Ultimatte attach multiple cameras to create a camera chain, paired with the correct lightings and customised rigs and trolleys.

Veloxstreams builds its customised virtual production process based on Industry-tested, director-approved Unreal engine features are used across modern production, from virtual production and animation to short-form content. Unreal engine gone through rigorous tests, both internally and with studio partners. Helps the breakthroughs back to customer end as built-in tools to feeding off each other’s ideas and expertise to tell better stories.

From high-quality visualization that accurately communicates creative intent, of content creation and creative visualization , Unreal Engine helps teams move together as one. Veloxstreams use Black-magic tools to create extensive virtual production toolset made for in-camera VFX, 3D virtual environment,virtual scouting tools, tablet-driven virtual cameras, Steadicam, handheld cameras, multi-user controls, dollies, and cranes.

Veloxstreams Unreal rendering technology helps the technical and production teams in Real-time rendering enables immediate feedback that helps teams test ideas and make decisions in the moment to visualize in real-time. Added changes and modification you can easily import models, pre-visualize them, move them, make them bigger or smaller. Also Veloxstreams helps you use traditional production methods and equipment to design and create remake a true to life scenes with nature like feel.

The benefits of Augmented and virtual studio environments and hardware tools combined with Veloxstreams expertise allows the production team to jump into the set live-action background and content creation in real time to collaborate with virtual production team use Fusion and Maya design software .Veloxstreams in house VR technology systems and tools helps you control every aspects and customize materials from production,lighting,sound, animations and VFX effects for each clients’ specific needs.