With the advent of Digital Cinema, DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is a mandatory requirement for exhibition on Digital Cinema enabled screens. The transition from film to digital cinema is going to have a very large impact on archives and there are positive as well as negative aspects connected to this process. On the one hand archives will have to cope with material that is going to be delivered in a wide range of digital formats, of which a Digital Cinema Package can be one. On the other hand digital technologies including the DCP provide efficient ways to publish and distribute archived material on different, and possibly very high, quality levels.

Veloxstreams offeres creation of both DCI compliant InterOp and SMPTE Digital Cinema Packages, while encoding from source material to the DCI-mandated XYZ colorspace JPEG 2000 DCP and maintaining strict DCP.

Veloxstreams, with its unique mix of digital and manual worklow, offers restoration services for your valuable content. The source input goes through rigorous process of dirt and dust removal, scratch removal, image repair, grain issues, frame by frame restoration, etc. and extensive QC.